Thursday, December 11, 2008

what i am

i've nothing to any name,

i've neither wealth for fame,

i've been tickled by the mind,

i've been beaten by the rain,

i've endured all the pain,

i've lost more than i hope to gain,

But deep inside, i pray and dream,

that one day, i'll rise and win,

i've got to face all these hardships,

i've just got to stand on my own feet,

i've seen thru' many false friends of mine,

i know who can be trusted all this time,

i believe in nobody else but myself,

so i've got to think hard and help myself,

i'm neither the best or the worst,

yet i've never ever come out first,

i live in the dark in search of light,

i want to stand up and brave the fight,

i might be down and out today,

But i'll wait for the stars to come my way....

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