Sunday, March 1, 2009

Virgin's Talk for FEMALE!

What kind of sacrifice you can do to show to your love one? To girls, you think that virginity is a big impact until when you had sex with some one for the first'll stick with that person and won't let him/her go because they officially 'taste' you. Even they treat you like shits after a while. You don't mind as long as they stay. How can women be so stupid and weak because of virginity?

Yes, its the most precious thing in women's body and it shouldn't be something that makes you weak.Why can we women act just the same as men and makes them also feels stupid when they lose their 'virginity'. Er...not necessary makes them feels stupid,just don't make it a big deal till they see that as your weakness to make you obey everything and take advantage on you.(*this happen a lot to my friends) Perhaps its time for us to move on and not thinking that as our weakness and don't ever let them step on our head anymore. I won't blame them if they are having fun doing this cause girls lost their mind once they lost their virginity. That's why, do it with a person who deserve it. Not with just some random guy who just wants one night stand. As a Muslimah, protect it with your best. But,if you can't..I don't judge you as a cheap worries.I'm not a stereo-type-minded girl. Just DO IT with the right people who not only loves your body and pussy,but your heart and your mind also.

How come people can be so desperate for sex? Its one of the most wonderful feelings and satisfaction,as i quote from my friends. If its so wonderful, should we share that feelings with a wonderful person? As it shall remains wonderful and doesn't involve desperation, heart-broken, or any pain? If it involves this,STOP your sex! You lost your virginity? So what!!!? Open up your mind,girls! Don't be some stupid bimbo~ God gives you brain! Use it~ Thank you!


Helmi Razali said...

thank you. Someone need to tell them. and a girl is the most appropriate person for the job.

Saya alien dari Marikh bernama Helmi, Saya akan menakluki bumi. Muahahaha

dfann.-heartcore said...

i know hows it feel to be cheated on. for that guy, o'cos, no more apologies. for once, it had happened n 'till now, its not happen again.i'm glad. THANX GOD

some girl maybe think that, 'one virgin for one man' not two or three. that's the reason why they're still acting like stupid by letting the guy do whatever they want to do.
it was in my mind but not for now.
open ur eyes girl. that 'guy' dont really care if u're virgin or not.cos, mostly, men lost their virginity for a long time ago. that's the reason why (again) they can do whatever SHITS they want to do. (wtf is the guys are thinking huh?)

i've left that guy and i'm glad i've made a great decission to do that cos he such a womaniser. u know who u are